Builders are showing more interest in service apartments in Thane

In Maharashtra, Mumbai being the economic capital attracts lot of tourists and even people from India to come and settle here. Busy lifestyle, modern amenities, no interference in your life is few things which attract people to this city, but when they come here, they need to face the reality of expensive property rates. What people don’t know is that real estate industry in this city has flourished a lot and today, if you are planning to buy some property in here, it can be a huge burden on your expenses. In fact in some areas, renting a 2 BHK flat can prove to be expensive enough for you.

Thus, nearby cities started gaining focus of investors who were looking for some good land or a plot or apartment in reasonable prices and one such city which came forward to support these people was Thane. Thane being near to Mumbai has shown great progress and even big builders are trying to build service apartment in Thane which can provide all modern amenities under one roof. This has attracted investors to invest in future technologies, which can help them get the most of their money spent.

Luxury is the key factor of properties

Modern lifestyle and luxurious living is what people of Maharashtra are used to now, so all new projects and even on-going projects are focusing more on providing all the facilities which can give you a feel of luxury living. Real estate market of this city has given ample reason to both builders and investors to spend their money in this city and one of the reason being its proximity to land of dreams. That too without being a huge burden on your pocket, since prices of property in Thane is cheaper as compared to other neighboring cities.

As we talked about people who are not able to buy their dream home in Mumbai are moving to Thane, we would also like to mention the importance of various new highways and expressways which has improved the condition of commuting from one place to another. With all these connectivity in place and world class infrastructure, this city has become investor’s paradise, especially for all those who believe in long term investments. When all these developments were made, how can big companies be behind in establishing their offices in this growing city and with this came in the abundance of both residential and commercial projects?

This city is still affordable

Even looking at the increasing demand of properties in this city, prices compared to Mumbai were still low and yet it continued to attract money from various parts of the world. However, not just big names in investment business were profited from this, even locals came into action. They started building some extra portion on their property and started providing them as rent house in Thane. This made them realize the power of real estate, since with the rent which they were getting from their tenant proved to be a good amount which counted as their side income without doing any extra work. That is why it is said that when it comes to investment, real estate is the key for good returns.